Who can go for Facelift surgery?

People who want to look younger than their age these days opt for facelift surgery. Many treatments are available in the market to reduce signs of aging, like anti-wrinkle injections, fillers, vampire facials, peels, fat grafting, etc. But these all are not the permanent solution. Facelift surgery is a cosmetic procedure to create a younger look.

Dr. Akangsha Sharma, the Best Plastic Surgeon in Jaipur, can help to reduce the signs of aging by doing facelift surgery. It is one of the best and most satisfying plastic surgery procedures for cosmetic surgery patients.

What are the Types of Facelift Surgery?

Facelift surgery is usually for tightening the facial muscles. This surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia. The incisions are made according to the technique and patient preference; the method used:

  • A traditional facelift: In this procedure, the incision starts from the temple in the hairline and continues down around the front of the ear. The cut ends in the lower scalp. One incision can be made under the chin to improve the neck's appearance.
  • Short scar facelift: Incision starts from the temple to in front of the ear and goes back to the hairline.
  • Neck lift: In this procedure incision starts in front of the earlobe. It continues around the ear into the lower scalp.

Note: This surgery usually takes 3 to 6 hours. It may take longer if another cosmetic correction is also done at the same time. The incisions are covered with a bandage to minimize the swelling and to bruise after the procedure.

What is the aftercare of Facelift Surgery?

  • Rest with the head elevated
  • Take medicine prescribed by the doctor
  • Apply a cool pack on the face to avoid swelling
  • Do not apply any harsh soap, and don't scrub the face
  • Avoid using any makeup for a few weeks
  • Avoid physical activities that makes one sweat
  • Avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to 50.
  • Avoid bleaching and hair removal for at least 6 to 7 weeks
  • Avoid excessive pressure or motion around the incisions
  • After a week, one can hide the incision by styling the hair
  • Avoid attending any major social event for a couple of months

What is the right time to go for a facelift surgery?

One can go for the Facelift Surgery if:

  • Loose sagginess of facial skin
  • Prominent jowls
  • Excess fat under the jaw and chin
  • Prominent nasolabial folds
  • The deep line on the chin and face

With whom to consult for Facelift Surgery?

One can consult with Dr. Akangsha Sharma for Facelift Surgery in Jaipur. She is the best plastic surgeon in Jaipur. Pay a visit to learn about Facelift surgery.